"Sooo excited that we're playing a song together for the recital, Ms. Carol! I can't wait!"
(Maddie, Lower Elementary Student)

"I see why the scales are so important now....everybody should learn them first thing when they take piano!"(Alyssa, Upper Elementary Student)

"Ms. Carol is such a gifted teacher. I love to watch her work with my child. She is encouraging, dedicated and fun;we look forward to many more lessons with her!"
Kitty W. (parent)

​"Thank you again, Ms. Carol. for coming into our lives. Your patience and overall relationship with Chukie has made all the difference in his success. We are thrilled with the progress he's made at the piano!"
U. Elechi, parent

"Ms. Carol,
Sometimes I just like to play with my eyes closed.
I don't need to look...really."
Logan (age 12)

"Thank you for being the best piano teacher ever, Mrs. Carol"

Ally (third grader)

"During every lesson I see your love of music more and more!"

Teresa (adult student)

"I'm getting so excited about this year because your patience and my hard work are really paying off!"

Leslie (adult student)

"Thank you Ms. Carol for being my piano teacher. I'm learning a lot and you make it fun!:

Callie L. (Elementary Student)

Lala: "I'm looking so forward to playing this neat duet with you at the spring recital!"
LOGAN J. ( new elementary student)

"Me too, but you need a little more practice, Ms. Carol; don't worry though, I have faith in you."

"Thank you for the gift of piano, Carol; I've always loved music, but now I'm even happier because you encouraged me to explore a new area.  God Bless!"
Leslie, adult student

“Carol is everything I looked for in a piano teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, receptive to all my questions, and she has a knack for complimenting my strengths while identifying weaknesses! I’m looking forward to lessons for a long time to come.”

Evan S., young adult

“I really get tired of my lesson and theory book sometimes; would rather play songs I really like. Ms. Carol calls that my ‘broccoli and peas’ part of the lesson!”

Chris M., H. S. Junior

​​"Thanks, Carol, for helping our kids with music for their upcoming event!"

Patrica C (RVBA Community Center)

"Kamden's confidence level has never been higher than when she's at the piano!"

Angel C., parent

"This book looked really scary and hard when I started piano! But now I can play real songs and did it in a little time :)"
Emma K. age 9

"Logan was really excited about his piano lesson tonight, and we are so thrilled for him.  Thanks for your teaching!"
Jeff J., Parent

Our Director, Diane Exner, was here when you did music with our individuals a couple of weeks ago.  She was very impressed with how you interacted with the guys and gals, how much fun you all had and how they responded to you. She was singing your praises and I was agreeing.

“Thanks so much, Ms. Carol, for teaching me music and just helping me!”

Matayah, age 12

“You are the best ever, Mrs. Carol. I love taking piano and you.”

Brianna, age 8

“Why is it sooooo long between Tuesdays, Ms. Carol”?

Madison, age 7

“I’m playing really cool songs now;it’s so fun!”–Logan, age 9

“I just hate it when piano ends too quick! There’s so much more to do.”
Madison, age 7

“Logan has learned so much in such a short time and is really enjoying it. Thanks, Ms. Carol!”

Ellen C., (parent)

“Playing the piano is fun but it’s getting a little harder now.”

Brayden M. (student)

​"Thank you, Ms. Carol, for filling our house with beautiful music! Jackson loves his new piece and plays it every chance he gets!"  (Parent)

"I love the floor piano! It makes all kind of sounds and the games are so fun!"

(Bradley,  Upper Elementary Student)​

​TESTIMONIAL:  "Thank you so much for the wonderful instruction  you have given our children, and for the patience you have shown them. We are so happy with the progress made!"

Hannah A., Parent

Private Piano Lessons

"Ally has not stopped talking about her first lesson. She is so excited. Thank you!"

Virginia V., parent

“We believe music is great therapy for our clients. When Ms. Carol comes for a piano lesson, everyone within earshot seems to enjoy it. We can see the smiles, and some even join in singing!“

Rose Hite, The Lamano Agency, Roanoke

“I’m absolutely amazed at Chukie’s progress! He has learned so much from you, Ms. Carol, and his piano lessons have helped him in many other areas as well! I’d read that music really enhances a child’s overall learning capacity and well-being; it has certainly done that for him. You and Chukie just “clicked” from the beginning and we are so very grateful for your work with him.”
Uche E., (parent)

“I really love what you are doing with Stephanie!” —Paul O., (parent)

“So proud of you, Carol, for sharing your gift of music with others!”
(Choir Member)

“My favorite thing about learning to play the piano is to play my Back Street Boys songs. I think Nick Carter would love to hear me play. Thanks Carol!

S. O’Donnell, (student)

“Thanks, Ms. Carol, for not getting upset with me when I make mistakes…I never thought I’d be able to play the piano, but now it’s sooo much fun!” ––Ashton W. (student)“Carol, thank you for making sure that I play each piece to the best of my ability. Since taking piano lessons from you, I’ve learned so much about rhythm and theory. I’m gaining more confidence when it comes to playing in front of others!”

Susan D., (student)

"I'm so happy I decided to take piano again after leaving it behind in childhood. It is really enjoyable, and I actually look forward to my lessons."
Margaret B. (adult student)

​"I really liked this song 'til you added all those new notes. Glad you think I need a challenge, Ms. Carol, but I don't really think so."
Blaine, age 9

"My music, even practice, is my therapy!"
Dot, adult student

"I'm so excited to learn how to play, and you have been such a wonderful teacher. Looking forward to more fun lessons."
T. Nester, adult student

"I can't wait to come to piano! It's so fun!"

C. Dooley, elementary student

"I can't wait to play in my first piano recital. I'm really, really practicing a whole lot....so much fun, so excited!!"
Elizabeth M. (age 8)

“I really enjoy my piano lesson time. Music is so much fun and I think I may even consider majoring in music one day. I KNOW I’ll always love playing the piano!!”
Christopher Spano, student

“Practicing is not that bad! Learning to play new pieces is neat and I like my time with Ms. Carol!”

Britney Dawson, student

“A mediocre teacher tells, A good teacher explains,
A superior teacher demonstrates, A great teacher inspires.”
A. Ward

“Carol, you obviously fit the great teacher description.”
Ted W., lifelong friend

"Practicing gets harder when so much is going on, but when I see a piece come together, it's so worth it."

Rayven C. (college student)

"I got three trips to the candy today....glad Ms. Carol said I worked hard and practiced lots!"

Peter A. (age 7)