Christmas Concert

Adult student, Frank Stiff, plays a beautiful Spring Recital Prelude for everyone; he just needs to become LESS of a perfectionist!

Private Piano Lessons

Kirsten Neal shares lyrics she wrote for a song she titled "Spring."  Sings, plays the piano and writes lovely poetry...this young lady enjoys it al!

One word sums up this young man....WOW! Chukie has been with LaLa longer than any other student starting in 2009. He is the epitome of what hard work and structure can produce. Although he deals with Autism, Chukie is a model for others who think they cannot handle learning something new. He has far exceeded expectations and continues to roll!!

Maddie Dooley, left, is a little sister who's quickly catching up to big sister, Abbie, right; hoping Maddie's work ethic will continue to reflect her sister's ....Abbie was awarded the 2021 Star Piano Student Award!

It's Halloween 2020 at La la's house

Adapting with new techniques

Sing to the Savior  Choir Special

LaLa's only 2021 senior, Sofie Ingraham; loaded with talent and always wanting more challenges!

Spring Recital - 2016

Levi Laughinghouse is still new to lessons but is super gifted at "making pieces his own!" Here he's playing his version of the popular "Lean On Me."

La La and her Students

This brother and sister team is a delight to teach. Carter and Courtney Walls

are awesome to welcome each

and every week!